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Norwegian government regulations on electronic cigarettes in 2020

Norwegian regulations on e-cigarettes | 2020

The Norwegian government is planning to allow to buy nicotine containing e-cigs or eliquids containing nicotine in 2020. This would allow every single vaper to buy nicotine at their local town. No need would be to order electronic cigarettes containing nicotine from abroad.

Until this new legislation will come in force, the vapers are not allowed to buy nicotine in Norway. Eliquids containing nicotine can be ordered from abroad. It can also be done at 7vapes vape eshop.

New regulations are likely to come in force in 2020. This would mean nicotine becomes legal in Norway. The new regulation will come together with the requirements for quality. Every single electronic cigarette or eliquid will have to come with the certain quality agreed on EU level directives. The proper labels on each e-cig and eliquids will have to be placed. This requirement will be placed for both: nicotine containing and nicotine-free eliquids or el. cigarettes. The manufactures will have to register e-cigarettes and eliquids at Swedish Medicines Agency. There is nothing the customers should do. Those all requirements are on manufacturers.

The  new tobacco regulations are under consideration by the Ministry of Health and Care Services. All further information will be provided at website.