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Vaping trends in 2020

Vaping trends | 2020

Different vape products such as electronic cigarettes and eliquids are always expanding and more staff is coming to the market. Vaping society raises a question what year 2020 will bring. 

Vape Pods 

Portability is very attractive to vapers. Vape pods were very popular in 2019. People could choose the one from the big variety. It is easy to carry and weight little. However, the downside of the pod systems that it is lacking of flexibility and power. It is much less powerful than MODs. 2020 may bring much more powerful pods systems to the market. 

Nic salts 

A big part of the market moved from nicotine shots to nic salts in 2019. There are already a lot of different brands of nic salts in market. There are a lot of flavours. The majority of customers prefer to buy nic salts because the nicotine itself is not that sensible. This allows to taste the flavour more. Nic salts are very popular nowadays. We can expect this segment to grow even faster in 2020. We can expect new brands and flavours to come this year. 

Top e-liquids brands 

There more than 10 000 different e-liquids brands in the market. Sometimes, it is very difficult to compare them and choose the best one. 7Vapes sells TOP customers rated brands only. All liquids meet NO health and safety regulations. 2020 will definitely bring new brands to the market. All top brand e-liquids are going to be available at 7vapes 

Top el. Cigarette brands 

We can definitely expect new e-cig models of top brands such as SMOK, Freemax, Aspire, Vaporesso, Eleaf and etc. to come in 2020. SMOK will put a lot of focus to create new Pods systems. Aspire and Vaporesso will work through to improve the current models and release new ones. Eleaf will put the focus on kits. There are plenty of other brands in the market. We can also expect new brands to come to the market which will create new models electronic cigarettes
All new TOP electronic cigarette releases are going to be published and available to buy at 7Vapes shops. 2020 should bring us even more powerful and stylish e-cigs to the market!