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The electronic cigarette: an alternative to stop smoking. It is not always easy to draw a line on tobacco overnight.

The electronic cigarette: an alternative to stop smoking

It is not always easy to draw a line on tobacco overnight. Fortunately, there are various alternatives including the electronic cigarette. This sophisticated-looking device makes it possible to inhale flavored vapor that contains nicotine in a lesser amount. In addition, you are spoiled for choice among the many e-liquids with multiple flavors. This is also a real revolution since you can inhale a vapor fruity, greedy, menthol and many more in order to gradually abandon conventional cigarettes.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

The electronic cigarette is a device composed of a battery, a tank and a coil. The battery is of course useful to power the device, as for the tank, it contains the famous e-liquid flavored. The coild is one of the key elements, since it transforms the e-liquid into steam. In practice, to be able to inhale the steam, the vapoteur presses a button and current is sent to the resistor. The latter begins to heat the e-liquid from which emanates the perfumed vapor.

What kind of electronic cigarette should I choose?

How to choose your e-cigarette? If you're a novice vaper, you have to consider the power of the device. Better to opt for a low power model for a successful transition. Lower power models are usually called starter kits and being used by new vapers. So, if you are new to vaping, you should leave the e-cigarettes ultra-powerful to heavy smokers. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist who will help you choose the right device. Contact 7Vapes customer service. Casually, the shape of the electronic cigarette comes into account when you have to choose a model. For the convenience, I recommend electronic cigarettes that integrate a powerful battery. You will thus benefit from its great autonomy. For novice vapers, it is better to turn to e-cigarettes that emit a power of 20 watts maximum. Indeed, when you start vaping, suction is more or less tight, in 2 times as for a traditional cigarette. There is a hand to take, so there are kits specially designed for beginners, usually small or medium smokers. In any case, you can test several models of e-cigarettes before finding the good quality of vape: it is an important step, because otherwise you risk to return to the tobacco.