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Salt Nicotine eLiquids are basically an eLiquid that manages to encapsulate the natural salt that is found in the tobacco leaf. Read more!

Nikotinsalt Eliquids

E-liquids and vaping have changed the way we absorb nicotine in our bodies. We no longer have to burn tobacco to get nicotine, we just vape instead. Although vaping has made this process easier and more beneficial to users in many ways, vaping is still generally unable to provide the rapid nicotine hit or "rush" that people get from cigarettes. Vaping delivers nicotine to the body, which is why it works, but just not as fast as cigarettes.

Most e-liquids on the market use a form of nicotine derived from the tobacco leaf, but some manufacturers are looking at other methods, either synthesizing the nicotine, or obtaining it from another source.

Salt Nicotine e-liquid is basically what its name suggests; an ejuices that manages to encapsulate the natural salt found in the tobacco leaf. By evaporating a salt-based nicotine ejuices, nicotine can be absorbed into the body at a faster rate than standard e-liquid, allowing the user to experience a more "natural" nicotine rush that is more akin to smoking a tobacco cigarette. Salt-based nicotine e-liquid aims to provide a more potent nicotine hit than most e-liquid can provide.

Traditionally, a type of freebase nicotine is used in tobacco cigarettes. Originally, nicotine is found in a "salt-like" state on the tobacco leaf, and to increase the potency of nicotine fever, tobacco companies change the chemical structure of the nicotine; makes it "freebase nicotine".

Using a salty nicotine ejuices means that the higher nicotine e-liquid that was traditionally quite tough in the throat, is now much, much smoother and flavors and tastes can be more clearly experienced. Not only that, salt-based nicotine e-liquid also allows the user to receive the nicotine hit at a faster rate, which improves the effectiveness of the vaping experience.

Since they are mainly designed for high nicotine users in mind, they are not really suitable for sub-ohm setups and it would not be advisable to use nicotine salt eliquid with a strong sub-ohm coils. Nicotine still provides the major part or factor of the neck lift, regardless of how smooth the VG / PG mixture is.

Subhhm limits aside, these natural salt-based nicotine juices provide an undoubtedly improved vaping experience for those using high nicotine e-liquid, and can potentially change the way e-liquid is produced in the future.