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Are you vaping? There are currently three generations of e cigarettes. Interested? Read more!

E-cigarettes effect on health

Since 2010 the use of e-cigarettes (also commonly called vapes) has increased among adults and teens. Most of vape users have admitted that they have smoked traditional tobacco products before. The majority of people perceives vapes as a means to completely quit or reduce the amount of regular cigarettes smoked.

Vapes are devices consisting of a eliquid filled cartridge, a coil and a battery. Pressing the button activates the coil inside of a vape tank which heats the vape ejuice and it becomes steam.

All types of e liquids are mainly glycerol or propylene glycol based, with the addition of nicotine and / or aromas.

Fixed health consequences of vape use have not been clarified and vapes are supposed to be safer than smoking regular cigarettes. Toxicity of substances in e liquids has not been sufficiently researched. There is a lack of data on the effectiveness and safety of vapes as an aid to smoking cessation.

There is a public concern that smoking e liquid with salt nic or nic shot may lead to nicotine addiction and increase the urge to try conventional cigarettes. Unrestricted use of vapes in public places is also worrying.  It is not known how passive vaping can affect the health of those around you.

Vapes regulation varies across the globe and changes over time.