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Electronic Cigarette. Which countries prohibit vaping? San Francisco has banned the sale and use of e-cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette.

Which countries prohibit vaping?

San Francisco has banned the sale and use of e-cigarettes. San Francisco does not want any more vapers. The city of the United States has put a stop to e-cigarettes by becoming the first major city in the country to prohibit e-cig sale. This is subject to the approval of the federal health agency ... which, for the moment, has not approved any. But if the California city denotes the United States, many other territories on the planet are equally resistant to e-cigarettes. Thirty countries totally ban the use of electronic cigarettes of any kind, according to the count of the Institute for Global Tobacco Control, an American research organization. Most of these states are in South America and Asia. Tobacco consumption is often already prohibited or very much regulated by law, as for example in Thailand or Singapore.

With or without nicotine?

In addition to these stringent rules, there are seven other countries whose legislation depends on the substance being vaped. For example, it will be difficult to buy a product with nicotine to fill your e-cigarette in Norway. It is prohibited to sell nicotine containing e-liquids in Norway. However, you can buy nicotine at 7Vapes On the other side of the legal scale, fifty countries openly allow the sale of electronic cigarettes, whether or not they contain nicotine. Be careful though, behind this general figure lies a multitude of variations. Under 16, 18 or 21 years old cannot buy el. cigarette everywhere: many countries prohibit e-cig sales under a certain age. And the others? Well, for lack of an explicit rule, e-cigarettes are cited in dozens of countries with no specific legislation. This is the case in Russia and China, two countries that concern millions of consumers. For, besides local consumption, a large part of the electronic cigarettes bought in the world are produced in Asia, and especially on Chinese soil. The first e-cigarette model was developed more than fifteen years ago. A project to regulate the production and distribution of Chinese e-cigarettes has emerged but is still not finalized. On the subject, it is better to keep informed if you travel to another country. For example, in India, the Ministry of Health currently wants to ban e-cigarette imports, but opposes the Ministry of Commerce on the subject. To date, the legality of e-cigarettes remains as volatile as their smoke.