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7 Vapes Conditions of Sale 

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and delivering high-quality products to our customers at 7Vapes. If you noticed any defect of the product, we are happy to send you a new product, fix the old one or provide you a refund. 

Defected products

Defective Product is an imperfection in a product that has a manufacturing or design defect, or is faulty because of inadequate instructions or warnings. A product is in a defective condition if it is unreasonably dangerous to the user or to consumer who purchases the product and causes physical harm.
The standard defect warranty for our products is 2 years.  The deadline for submitting a complaint can never be shorter than two months from the point at which the customer discovered the defect. If the defect arises more than 6 months after purchase or delivery the customer will have to prove that the item had been defected and not developed the malfunction for extended use of the product.  The validation of defect dispute is investigated by independent experts for the type of product. Batteries and mods may be subject to fast-degrading products if the expert deems the defect to have developed due to improper use/charging.
If there is a deficiency (defect) in the item and the consumer has reported within the before mentioned deadlines, the consumer may choose: 
To refund the full price of the defected product;
Between repair or replacement (under certain conditions);
Price reduction (under certain conditions).
If the independent experts are summoned and the defect’s nature is due to improper usage, 7Vapes may only demand payment for inquiries that have been necessary to determine whether there is a defect and payment for the repair of the product, if 7Vapes has explicitly informed the consumer that he or she must cover such costs. 
Notification of errors and defects in the products can be conveyed to us orally or in writing. For the sake of certainty, we recommend that the complaint be sent to us by email with any kind of proof of purchase (receipt, invoice etc.).

Right of withdrawal / cancellation /regret and returns

When using the right of withdrawal, the goods must be returned to the seller within a reasonable time. The seller is obliged to repay the entire purchase price to the buyer within 14 days from the date the seller receives the goods or pick-up note or the goods are placed at the seller's disposal. The seller may not charge the buyer's use of the cancellation right, but the seller may require the buyer to pay the cost of the return shipment.The buyer can examine the product before he or she repents the purchase. The product must nevertheless be able to be returned to the seller in approximately the same condition and quantity as it was in when the buyer received it. The buyer should return the item to the seller in the original packaging if possible.When using a right of withdrawal for intimate products, the product must be unused when returned. E-cigarette kits, atomizers (Sub-Ohm, RDA, RDTA, RTA) and coils / coil heads are categorized as intimate products by 7Vapes.The right of cancellation cannot be used on intimate / hygiene products that have been used. This applies to the following products: electronic cigarettes (starter kits), atomizers (Sub-Ohm, RDA, RDTA, RTA), coil heads / coils and drip tips. Do not fill atomizers or e-cigarettes with e-liquid if you wish to return it on a right of withdrawal.The buyer cannot regret the purchase of goods that deteriorate rapidly, goods which in their nature cannot be returned, that includes e-liquids, bases, concentrates, nicotine shots etc. where the seal is broken. 

Delivery and customs duties

7Vapes delivers the goods only by mail order.
Delivery address is the one that is set when placing your order.
Any corrections to the delivery after the order has been shipped out are not possible.
Shipping date is considered the date and time when the status of the order has changed and the customer has been notified of it by an email (with the exceptions of technical errors made by the online ordering system with the email deliverability issues).
We deliver to all of the following countries following countries for a flat shipping rate: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain (excluding the Canary Islands), Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Hungary, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Malta, Republic of Slovenia, Romania, Slovak Republic, Sweden and United Kingdom.
Deliveries to any country outside our delivery range may be subject to extra fees which will have to be covered by the customer.
Delivery period and postal cost will be displayed prior to completing the order.
The order handling time is 1 working day (subject to change under the circumstances of exceptionally high order volume).
The delivery period starts to run the next working day after the payment in advance.
All of the items listed in the website are in stock and available to order (unless stated otherwise).
The stock management and control system select the closest warehouse which has the enough products to fulfill your order.
You as purchaser shall bear the delivery costs. In the case of delivery to a non-EU country your order may be subject to additional import taxes or duties that are levied as soon as the package arrives at the designated destination. All additional fees for customs clearance must be borne by you. We have no influence on these fees. For more information on customs regulations we recommend that you contact your local customs authority. Please note that you are considered the importer in the case of orders from the 7Vapes and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you receive the products.

7Vapes closing statement

7Vapes does not claim responsibility for any damage (moral or physical) that has been caused by improperly handling e-cigarettes, rebuildable atomizers, batteries and nicotine substances. We highly recommend to familiarize yourself with battery handling/safety guidelines to avoid any unfortunate occurrences in the future and to follow safety measures when building coils and rebuildable atomizers. We also advise to handle all nicotine substances with caution to avoid any damage to your body. We do not recommend to use our products outside their specific scope of use.