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Electronic cigarettes for young and older people. Check out what is trending now!

Electronic cigarettes

The recent research has shown that half of people vaping electronic cigarettes are young people. Young people like to vape fruity eliquids. They have several options: vape eliquids containing nicotine or eliquids containing no nicotine. The most popular nicotine strengths are 0mg, 3mg or 6mg. Less than a half of vapers buy already pre-mixed eliquids. Those liquids usually come with no nicotine. The nicotine shot or nicotine base may be used to add the nicotine to eliquid (it is also called shortfill).

The electronic cigarettes are also popular among older people. However, they prefer to use tobacco flavors. There are many people who switch from using snus to electronic cigarettes. They believe this is better for their health. Also, they enjoy to use electronic cigarette more than chewing snus.

The electronic cigarettes are more popular among man versus woman. Men prefer to use heavy electronic cigarettes containing large batteries. Meanwhile, women prefer to use pod systems which are light and stylish. The pods systems were very popular in 2019. The biggest brands such smok, eleaf, voopoo and etc. started to manufacture a lot of different pods. The people who love vaping started to have 2x different electronic cigarettes. One is light another is heavy which makes more clouds.

The popularity of electronic cigarettes is increasing a lot. This forces the electronic cigarette manufactures to upgrade the current MODs, Atomizers and provide a large variety of its products to the customers.