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The laws surrounding elektroniske sigaretter, eJuice and vaping have been changed indefinitely in May 2017. Read more!


The laws on electronic cigaretteseliquids and vaping have changed in May 2017, for both Norway and the EU.

Many vapers have been used to get 60ml and 120ml bottles, and nicotine shots allow of vaping to continue. Nicotine shots are a completely compatible way to convert a 0 mg juice into a nicotine-containing e-liquid. This allows quantities over 10 ml to be converted into nicotine containing ejuices, but still within the scope of the TRPR regulation.

The majority of shortfills 7Vapes vendors have 10 or 20 ml empty space in the bottle. This space can be used for nicotine shots. This means that all 7Vapes customers have a choice.