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Vapers will eventually come across the idea of DIY eLiquid sooner or later in their vaping journey. Read more!


While 7Vapes has the best selection of ejuices from around the world, vapers will eventually come up with the idea of ​​DIY ejuice sooner or later in their vaping journey. It may sound complicated, but it is actually a relatively simple process. It only takes a little patience.

Ejuice consists of 4 main ingredients: PG, VGflavoring and nicotine. In ready-made liquid, this is, as the name implies, all put together and mixed for you before use.

However, with DIY ejuice, vapers put together all separate elements, allowing for choice in flavors, PG / VG ejuice ratio, nicotine potency and amount.

Before attempting DIY mixing, users must obtain some equipment to perform the actual mixing, including measuring cups, large measuring syringes and some empty bottles for storage. Users must ensure that the mixing equipment is completely clean, free of dirt, dust or other obscurity with the ejuice mixture. Sanitation is important.

Before the TPD came into effect, nicotine was sold at very high concentrations in large bottles, which represented the only real danger of making your own e-liquid at home; safe handling and storage of large quantities of potentially dangerous nicotine. Post-TPD, this is no longer a problem thanks to Nicotine Booster Shots, which are often available now, 10ml bottles of unprocessed nicotine solution.

The first thing a user needs to decide is the ratio of e-liquid. This refers to how much PG and VG you want in the juice and determines how thick it will be. If it is to be used in a Sub-Ohm tank, you will mix at 70% VG and above, and if you are using a Mouth-to-Lung tank, it is best to stick to 50% PG and above.

The next thing to choose is the percentage of e-liquid flavors that you want to add. Most flavors work well with 15% of the total juice, but this can vary from person to person. The best thing you can do is start from the 15% level and either dilute or add more flavor as needed.

Finally, you will decide on the nicotine potency, with the aforementioned nicotine booster shot. There is nothing to say that you cannot choose your own percentage of flavoring, as some flavors can work well at 10%, others at 12% and some as high as 20%, but for just this concentrate, 15% works very well.

When creating e-liquid, it is easiest for a user to calculate the amounts of each ingredient they will need before starting the mix. The easiest way to do this is with an online calculator. This will work out the exact amount of each component to be added to the juice to bring the ejuice to the desired ratios of PG / VG, nicotine strength and flavor percentage.

For example, if a user wanted to make 100 ml of ejuice at 20 mg and 80% VG, with 15% flavor, along with 3 mg nicotine potency. Once a user has entered the data into the calculator, it will display the exact measurements in ml for the desired ejuice mix. In this example, the calculator would show that the mixture needed 15 ml of nicotine base, 15 ml of flavor, 68 ml of VG and 2 ml of PG to make 100 ml of 3 mg, 80% VG liquid.

The order of putting each part in the mixture doesn't really matter, but it is generally easiest to start with the nicotine base, followed by the other components. When measuring something, check and double check the quantities with the syringe. When all the ingredients are combined, the best way to mix up the juice is to give it a really good shake to ensure that the flavors and nicotine are evenly distributed in PG and VG.

After that, it's probably a good time to label the bottle with its flavor, nicotine potency, relationship and date. The next step is probably the hardest part of the whole process; steeping ejuice. If there is a mixture of menthol or fruit flavored, this will not be necessary, but if it is a juice or a baking flavor juice. At least a week of stepping is an absolutely necessary step.

Steeping is achieved by leaving the ejuice alone in a dark room at room temperature, in a cool, dry place, such as a closet, while the flavors all get to know one another and evolve. If you are not steep, the juice does not taste right. If you purchase a predetermined e-liquid, it will have been permeated for at least a few weeks before it makes its way to you, which is why you can wrap it right away. DIY ejuice unfortunately requires more patience, but will be the better for it. When the ejuice is complete, it is now ready to become a weapon. Congratulations!