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It is officially defined as the act of inhaling the vapors or fumes of a small device known as an electronic cigarette. Read more!


It is officially defined as the act of inhaling vapors or smoke from a small device known as an electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or simply e-cig. Within the content of an e-cigarette you have several parts that work at the same time. It is this that allows it to deliver a hit of the nicotine-flavored water vapor to the user. Cigarettes are about the same size as an average pen. It has been around for a little over 10 years now, although it is not too popular until the last 7-8 years.


The first modern device used to inhale non-tobacco products or drugs was invented by Herbert A. Gilbert back in 1967. Gilbert was originally a Pennsylvania metal scrap dealer. As a heavy smoker himself, Gilbert sought to find a way to replace tobacco smoke with something healthier. His patented unit used mild heated, flavored air instead of burning tobacco products. Gilbert's goal was to find a way to give the same pleasure and satisfaction achieved by inhaling the hazardous tobacco smoke from a cigarette with another substance that would be considered healthy. Gilbert's unit was considered a safe alternative to tobacco cigarette products.


Now ahead to the year 2006. That's when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik with Ruyan Group, now Dragonite International, invented and then marketed the first modern electronic cigarette. Dragonite International assisted Equal in marketing its invention worldwide. Lik's e cig was first introduced to the public in Europe where it became very popular. In 2007, some of the first e-cig began to appear in the US market, where it was also quite popular. Hon Lik had a personal motive for finding an alternative to cigarettes. Unfortunately, the danger of lung cancer was probably caused by decades of heavy cigarette use.


In today's modern e CIG, there are basically five parts:

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery - This is necessary to supply power to the atomizer to heat things up.

Atomizer - This little part is basically a heating element and a wick. It is necessary for the purpose of heating and evaporating the contents of the cartridge filled with eliquid inside the electronic cigarette so that it can be inhaled.

LED lights - Many e cigs have lights at the end to simulate a regular cigarette.

Mouthpiece - The mouthpiece is simply designed to make the user more comfortable positioning the mouth of the device while using it.

Atomizer Switch / Setting - Not all el. cigaretes have a setting or even a switch, but many do. This setting gives the user control over how much power they use when taking each hit. The switch can be rotated fully up or down depending on the user's preferences at that time. The higher the setting, the stronger (more concentrated) steam hit will be received by the user.

A cartridge of ejuice refills can be purchased in many places these days, and there is a wide variety of flavors available to fill the users' desires. As the trend catches up, the variety of quality juices becomes available everywhere, so the user never has to be without anything to enjoy.

Microprocessor - Different vape pens have different designs. Some have a microprocessor as the central brain to keep everything working in perfect sequence and with perfect timing to give the user the best possible experience.

One of the best things about e-cigarettes is how customisable they have become and will likely continue to be in the future. You can have e-cig consisting of a number of different parts all together. The user can have a variety of different styles, sizes, shapes and colors. 


For so many smokers out there, e cig can seem silly at first. Some may even have the opinion that the practice is a waste of time and money because it is just flavored water vapor with nicotine. For some long-term smokers, this practice can be seen in the same category as candy or chewing gum. It is seen as childish.

The truth about what regular cigarettes do to the human body is undeniable today. The hopeful thing about e-cigarettes is that although some think it is stupid or wasted time and money, it has helped countless diversity to reduce, pause, or stop using tobacco cigarettes permanently. This is a useful tool that is now widely marketed and available for smokers to use to effectively stop tobacco cigarettes.

Again, while the effect of e cigarettes is not quite known yet, it is far less harmful to the human body than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Another useful tool with e-cigarette is that the user can easily control the strength of each hit received from the device. This feature has enabled many people who switched from tobacco cigarettes to the opportunity to gradually lower the strength of the hit they receive. After some time, they may get to the point where they do not receive much of the e-cig product with each hit or eventually even stop using completely. This allows anyone who has previously smoked tobacco cigarettes a shot at a much better and healthier life, which is good news.


Another great thing about using e cig over tobacco products is that it is no longer the fault of exposing others, especially children, to used smoke. Used smoke contributes to hundreds of thousands of diseases and injuries worldwide every year. Children are often innocent victims of things like asthma, bronchitis and even pneumonia due to used smoke.


Recent studies show that there are about one billion cigarette smokers worldwide. Many of these people have long been users of tobacco products, and may even suffer from some of the health problems of cigarettes. Primarily, it seems that neck, lung and hypertensive problems are often at the forefront.

However, there are a whole host of other health-related risks and problems associated with tobacco cigarettes. Below are some of the more common ailments known to be related to tobacco cigarette use.


The health effects of an entire generation using e-cigarettes have not yet been seen. The fact is that tobacco contains thousands of chemicals. It doesn't matter what brand. Tobacco cigarettes are now known to cause many heart and blood pressure problems soon after someone starts using them. There are also many different types of cancer related to tobacco containing cigarettes.


E cigarettes are a good step in the right direction for anyone who wants to either stop themselves or help someone they care about quit smoking. Try giving an electronic cigarette from an evaporator store such as a birthday present, Christmas present or any other occasion. It's a good way to convince someone you care about trying to quit the much more harmful tobacco cigarettes that cause stroke, cancer, heart disease and a whole host of lung problems. So do the best you can for yourself or the special person you care about. Help them switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. It can be the first step in a new direction towards a healthier life.

While the jury is still looking for the overall long-term health effects, electronic cigarettes are clearly still a much healthier choice for everyone to smoke daily. Why not enjoy the wide variety of ejuices you can choose from.